5 Reasons Why You May Be Suffering From Hearing Loss

hearing lossMany people of all ages and backgrounds suffer from hearing loss throughout the U.S. Hearing loss is incredibly common and is usually something most people deal with as they age. However, hearing loss can be caused by numerous issues, so it can be hard to narrow down what may be causing yours. At Mission Hearing Aids, not only do we work hard to help you find the best hearing aids for your needs, but our hearing specialist can also help you get to the bottom of what may be causing your hearing loss. Knowing the cause is the best way for you to find the treatment and hearing aids that are best for you.

Here are five reasons why you may be suffering from hearing loss.

Reason #1: Age

Experiencing hearing loss as we age is pretty normal but that doesn’t make it any less stressful or bothersome. If you have experienced significant hearing loss due to age, we can help you find the best hearing aids for your needs and comfort, so you can get back to the things that matter most in life.

Reason #2: Work-Related Incidents and Hazards

Working in loud environments, such as construction sites or when piloting planes, can lead you to develop hearing loss over time. Wearing protective gear such as earplugs (which you can purchase and have fitted at our office) can help stave off the effects of loud environments.

Reason #3: Bone Growths

While rare, sometimes spontaneous bone growths can cause hearing loss. One way to know your hearing loss hasn’t been caused by age or working in loud environments is if you experience it in one ear only. When this happens, it’s usually caused by an issue like bone growth. This is why visiting a hearing specialist is important.

Reason #4: Tumors

Similarly to bone growths, tumors can cause uneven hearing loss in your ears. A hearing specialist will be able to detect the tumor and refer you to a specialist who can help you with it.

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There are many ways to obtain hearing aids, such as purchasing them over the counter, but we don’t recommend these other methods. If you believe you’re suffering from hearing loss, your best bet is to get to the root cause of your hearing loss so you can seek treatment if needed and obtain the best aids for your need. In order to do this, you’ll need to be evaluated by a hearing specialist. At Mission Hearing Aids, we can evaluate your ears to determine what is causing your hearing loss, refer you to other specialists should you need specific treatment, and fit you with some of the best hearing aids on the market. Don’t deal with hearing loss any longer. Give us a call today so we can schedule an appointment!

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