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5 Warning Signs to Look Out For When Shopping for Hearing Aids

hearing aidHearing aids are important purchases to make. If you’re in need of hearing aids, the last thing you want is to get scammed by someone and get a pair of hearing aids that don’t work for you and your needs. Everyone’s hearing loss is different, which means everyone needs their own, unique kind of hearing aids in order for them to get the job done for them. At Mission Hearing Aids, we provide you with high-quality hearing aids that meet your needs, which is determined after performing a thorough evaluation. We understand the importance of purchasing the right aids for your hearing needs.

Here are five warning signs to look out for when shopping for new hearing aids.

#1: One-Size-Fits-All

If you see hearing aids described as one-size-fits-all, chances are you won’t be satisfied with them. There is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” aids. Everyone has different sized and shaped ears, making this incredibly impossible. At our office, we’ll create custom fitted hearing aids for your based on the size and shape of your ear and what would be more comfortable for you. Beware anyone else promising otherwise.

#2: Over-The-Counter Options

A new trend popping up nowadays is over-the-counter hearing aid options. While over-the-counter options may seem easier to get, but they usually result in more problems later on. They won’t be custom fitted, they won’t be unique to the degree of your hearing loss, and they’ll be more uncomfortable and ineffective. Your best bet is to go to a place who will prescribe you a pair based on your needs and comfort.

#3: No Appointment Needed

You always want to talk to a professional before purchasing hearing aids. If someone promises aids with no appointment necessary, they’re usually a fraud out looking to make a quick buck.

#4: No Hearing Evaluation Required

Same with appointments, if someone guarantees no hearing evaluation needed, turn away. You should always get a hearing evaluation before purchasing a pair of hearing aids. The evaluation will determine what’s causing your hearing loss and the degree to which it is gone, helping you getting the right aids for you. On top of that, it can uncover other issues, such as tumors and diseases, that may be causing your hearing loss.

Contact Mission Hearing Aids Today!

If you’re in need of high-quality hearing aids and want to know what may be causing your hearing loss to begin with, we’re the place to call. We’ll perform an evaluation, figure out what is causing your hearing loss, and get you the right hearing aids based on your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you!

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