About Us

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Who We Are

Mission Hearing Aid Center is dedicated to providing people in the El Paso area with affordable and high-quality hearing aids and devices. We take the time to get to know your unique hearing needs so we can find the best hearing aid for you.


Our mission is to help people hear better, not to just sell them a product. It is important for a person with hearing loss to understand their hearing situation and be educated on their options.


Your satisfaction with the hearing solution we recommend for you is of utmost importance to us. We know that the more you know about your level of hearing loss and the solutions that are available to you, the greater the chances are that you will be completely satisfied with your investment in better hearing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure everyone receives the care they deserve. We offer a full range of diagnostic and preventative hearing healthcare services, including hearing aid diagnostics, comprehensive hearing evaluations, Hearing in Noise Testing (HINT), hearing aids sales, tinnitus maskers, single-sided deafness hearing aids (CROS/BICROS), repairs, and rehabilitative counseling.


We are dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest technology in the hearing industry and are committed to offering the most current options to our patients. We will also refer you to a premier ENT doctor or Audiologists should we find issues you may not have known you had, such as eardrum damage, excessive ear wax, and possible ear infections.


We’re dedicated to making sure your hearing loss is treated based on your unique needs.

What Makes Us Different?

Provider Network with an ENT

Mission Hearing Aid Center currently has a referral provider network with local ENT’s. This new partnership allows our center to now refer our patients that visit our office that require medical clearance and services.

We’re Here for You

We love helping people reconnect with those they love through better hearing. Your experience in our office is very important to us. This isn’t work for us; it is a passion. Please connect with us today to learn more.

State of the Art Hearing Aids

We work with many manufacturers and offer a complete lineup of the most technologically advanced hearing aids available on the market today unlike big-box retailers and franchised hearing centers. Our independence combined with our connection to top doctors provide you flexibility and affordability in optimizing your ability to hear.

Insurances Accepted

We currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas & Aetna insurance plans. We also accept payment via Care Credit, all credit cards, checks, and cash.

Exceptional Follow-Up Care

Your relationship with us continues well beyond the time of your initial hearing aid fitting. Your follow-up care includes ongoing office visits to make certain your hearing aids continue to work as they should. We understand that ongoing counseling, periodic adjustments, batteries, and regular hearing aid cleanings are vital to your continued satisfaction with your investment in better hearing and are all included with your purchase. We’ll also ensure your follow-up care aligns with the care you may be receiving from an audiologist or any other kind of doctor.

Guaranteed satisfaction

At Mission Hearing Aid Center, we ensure you receive exact fitting and programming to guarantee your satisfaction. Our specialist focuses on performing complete evaluations with the highest standard of personal attention and professional care. The most advanced fitting methods and equipment are used to make sure you hear with maximum clarity, even in the most difficult listening situation. We provide a friendly, patient-focused approach as well as education about managing your hearing loss. These services are designed to improve communication and our patients’ quality of life.