Consumer Alert: Be Aware of High-Priced Hearing Aids With Outdated Technology

Investing in hearing aids is just that: an investment. As someone who relies on these devices to navigate life, it can be extremely disheartening to learn that there are audiologists and other hearing aid providers who are being unethical in their practice.

This extends from the US to Australia, which reported “Buyer Be Aware” alerts beginning in 2017 when it found that some of its clinics were being encouraged to sell more expensive hearing aids in order to reach their sales goals. A clinic in California was experiencing something very similar. The Paradise Hearing & Balance Clinic, Inc., which is currently closed due to the 2018 forest fires, reported a concern for consumers in this area to be alert when buying hearing aids as some providers were choosing to sell outdated technology at new technology prices. It would be like buying the iPhone X but you were given a phone with the technology of the iPhone 5.

As a Consumer, Here’s What You Can Do

Always be aware of a price that doesn’t match its date. Think of it like buying a new car vs. a used car. If a salesperson is offering you the 2019 C 300 Cabriolet Mercedes-Benz for under $20,000, you’d certainly question the price or wonder what’s wrong with the vehicle if the price is that low. The same can be said for new technology hearing aids and devices. According to Everyday Hearing, a digital device being sold for less than $1,000 should be questioned for quality.

At Mission Hearing Aid Center, we’ve encountered clients who are paying new technology prices (upwards of $5,000 a pair) for devices that are using technology that is three years and older. This is extremely problematic because not only will the technology soon be obsolete but the devices aren’t fitting properly and they will soon need to be replaced. Prior to buying hearing aids or hearing devices, take caution.

Being Alert Can Save You Thousands of Dollars!

The price of a hearing aid can vary depending on the technology, style, and brand. It’s important to be aware of what you’re paying for so that you aren’t mislead and lose out on thousands of dollars. A couple of things to keep in mind when purchasing a hearing aid:

  • Make sure the provider is licensed. Ask if they are a Licenced Hearing Instrument Specialist or if they have a Hearing Instrument Fitter and Dispenser License.
  • If the offer seems too good to be true ask for additional information. It’s okay to request the manufacturer’s fine print on the product. Ask for the model number and do more research on your own. Most manufacturers list their latest devices on their website.  
  • If you feel pressured to buy a hearing aid, back away. The role of a Hearing Aid Specialist is to address your needs and not to merely sell you something. Buying a hearing aid shouldn’t feel like a pressured sales transaction; it should feel like a mutual transaction, where you are confident in the Hearing Aid Specialist’s recommendation.   

Consult With a Reputable Hearing Aid Specialist Today

Our role as a hearing aid center is to provide the El Paso community with the best, high-quality hearing aids and devices at fair and ethical prices. We match consumers with devices that will best suit their needs. We understand that these devices can be costly, which is why we’re committed to finding affordable options but still ensuring that the technology is up to date.

We always want to better understand you and your circumstance. In the process, we provide you with education and relevant information so that you can make an informed decision based on what’s best for you!

If you have additional questions or would like a free hearing test, please connect with us today!

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