Earmolds and earplugs

Custom Earmolds and Earplugs from Mission Hearing Aid Center

Earmolds and earplugs are essential for helping to protect your ears and ensuring your hearing aids work properly. Mission Hearing Aid Center in El Paso custom designs earmolds and earplugs based on your unique needs.


Earmolds are custom fitted for your ear and are used to deliver the sound from your hearing aid to your inner ear. They are designed to fit your outer ear. Our hearing specialist will take an impression of your ear to make sure yours fits perfectly and comfortably. Earmolds are created as behind the ear devices and help to deliver the sound from the hearing device for you to hear.

If designed correctly, earmolds won’t be very noticeable. However, if you get them over the counter, they may not fit your ear properly and be visible. You also have the option of getting clear molds to minimize visibility. The important thing to remember is you’ll most likely use your hearing aids every day. You want them to be comfy and fitted.


Earplugs can come in handy if you work in a loud environment, enjoy frequenting concerts, and are constantly around loud sounds because they can help to protect your ears from damage and hearing loss. Earplugs can be used for loud environments, swimming, and various other activities. They can be custom designed to block out as much or as little sound that you need and to fit you comfortably.

Earplugs come in all shapes and sizes and the ones that’ll be right for you will depend on your needs, the shape of your ear, and the kind of environment you’re in regularly. Some of the most common types of earplugs include:

  • Foam – Foam earplugs are the most basic of all earplugs. They are comfortable and effective.
  • Reusables – Reusable earplugs can be used over and over again. They can be designed for industrial uses, such as working in construction, or consumer uses such as sleeping.
  • Sleepables – When it comes to wearing earplugs while you sleep, you want a pair that will be comfortable even if you roll over on your sides. Sleepables are designed to fit comfortably and minimize noises, though you should be able to hear your alarm in the morning.
  • Moldable – Moldable ones can be molded for a more comfortable fit. They’re also very common.
  • Electronic – Electronic earplugs are ideal for construction workers and band teachers who are around loud noises all day but still need to be aware of their surroundings.
  • No-Roll – No-roll earplugs come equipped with a device that inserts your plugs into your ears without you having to roll them in.
  • Banded – These plugs come on a band or rope so they stay put and you don’t have to worry about losing them.

What Are Custom Earplugs and Earmolds Ideal For?

Did you know that most musicians perform shows while wearing earplugs? You may not see an immediate need for earplugs, but they can actually be very helpful for your lifestyle. Whether you work at a job that has a lot of loud, constant noise or enjoy frequenting musical festivals and concerts, custom earplugs and molds are ideal for protecting your ears. They can protect your ears from loud, constant sounds while not being overly noticeable or uncomfortable. Because we can design custom earplugs for you at our center, you won’t have to worry about finding ones that fit properly. Custom earplugs are designed to fit you perfectly.

Earmolds, on the other hand, guarantee that your hearing device does what it’s supposed to do: deliver sound to your ear. They make behind the ear aids comfortable and usable. Behind the ear hearing devices are among the most common ones available. A good earmold won’t be as visible and will ensure that the hearing device works and is comfortable.

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