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Food for your ears.

You see the messages everywhere, things like: “Eat healthy!”, “Watch your cholesterol!”, all the messages around a balanced diet. When it comes to your hearing, are your diet and what you eat important? Are there foods that promote better hearing? Read on!

Eating healthy foods is important.

Your body needs vitamins and nutrients provided in fruits, vegetables and proteins to function properly. Your ability to see, hear, and digest food is all dependent on what you put in your mouth. If you are eating nutrient dense foods you and your body will work correctly, if not you may begin to notice a decline in things like your general feeling of well-being and maybe even your sight and/or hearing.

Most of us enjoy a glass of wine from time to time. Maybe, you even pair some chocolate with the wine. While one is good for your hearing, the other might not be so much. According to a 2019 study eating chocolate may help prevent some hearing loss. While healthy hearing reports those extra glasses of wine could cause damage to your hearing.

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While there is no one food that will increase or decrease your hearing your overall diet can affect your hearing positively or negatively. So, again eating that balanced and healthy diet of nutrient dense foods is important to your hearing and your overall health.

So, eating a healthy diet is a start. You’ll probably want to also add an annual hearing screening to those good eating habits. An annual hearing screening is as appropriate as that twice a year dental cleaning youre getting. If you’re ready to add that to your to-do list click here to make an appointment with your local hearing care specialist. Your ears and your hearing will thank you. Happy hearing and healthy eating to you!!

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