From Past to Present: How the Latest Technology Makes a Difference

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Did you know the first hearing aid was created in 1898 by a man named Miller Reese Hutchison? It was a huge advancement for the time, but of course, wasn’t the best hearing aid ever made. Hearing aids have come a long way over the past century, specifically over the past couple of decades. From past to present, technology has advanced and continues to advance in order to better hearing aids for all types of users. While perfect may seem impossible, hearing aid technology gets closer and closer to it each and every day.

Now, hearing aids can be custom designed to assist with specific levels of hearing loss, to fit ears of all shapes and sizes, to aid with other issues, and come in a variety of styles to fit your needs in terms of comfort and visibility. Here’s a glimpse of how hearing aids have changed over the years.

The Past: Bulky and Unchangeable, but Still an Important Invention

Like most pieces of technology, hearing aids had to be perfected over the years. Back in the day, most hearing aids were clunky and only helped with certain kinds of hearing loss. While a technological marvel that helped many, they were not optimized to fit users of all kinds. The first prototypes of hearing aids worked by blocking out distracting sounds and directing the needed sounds to the ear. They were external and often had to be manually held up to the ear in order to work properly, which was probably uncomfortable for most users. By the 1980s, many people who suffered from hearing loss used transistor hearing aids, which were strapped on over the shoulders and worn on the chest of the user, either on top of or under clothing. Over time, hearing aids have been tweaked to be more comfortable and work better, becoming less bulky and giving users more control over what they hear.

The Present: How Technology Has Shaped the Hearing Aids We Have Today

The rise in computer technology has had a positive effect on how well hearing aids work and fit. From being able to control the sounds you hear and how loudly you hear them to more comfortable styles that can be custom fitted to your ear, hearing aids have improved for the better as the years have gone by.

The best way to take advantage of the latest and greatest in hearing technology is to visit a hearing specialist. A hearing specialist will be able to determine what is causing your hearing loss and the extent to which it is being lost. They will also be able to help you custom design fitted hearing aids that are comfortable based on the size and shape of your ear, and the amount of visibility that is desired from you, something you wouldn’t be able to get if you choose to get hearing aids over the counter. At Mission Hearing Aids, we’re dedicated to helping people take advantage of the amazing hearing aid technology available today while also better understanding what the cause of their hearing loss is and making sure they are taking good care of their ears. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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