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Hearing Aid Advancements in 2019

Hearing sound test loss adult disorder aid

Hearing aids are needed more than ever before, as the baby boomer generation represents 30 percent of the population and are reaching retirement age. With that growth in the senior and hearing disadvantaged population, the hearing aid industry has risen to the challenge. 2019 has seen promising advancements in the industry, and this article will touch on some of the most exciting developments. 

Artificial Intelligence

Hearing aid manufacturers Widex, Resound, and Starkey have all made claims of artificial intelligence advancements coming in the near future. Widex, a company on the cutting edge of hearing aids, is currently using thousands of hours of hearing aid data to improve their hearing aids. Soon, hearing aids may use artificial intelligence to further improve the hearing experience.

Fuel Cell Tech

Some companies have begun to experiment with fuel cell tech, which has the chance to revolutionize the way hearing aids are powered. The hearing aids work by using methanol and air as a power source, emitting water vapor and minuscule amounts of carbon dioxide. There are still a plethora of questions surrounding this tech, so we’ll have to wait to see how the technology is refined.

Deeper Biometric Sensor Integration

Have a phone or smartwatch that can track biometric data like heart rate, R-R interval, energy usage, and other stats? Well, that tech is slowly being integrated into hearing aids as well. Since many people using hearing aids are at risk for other health issues, the availability of biometric sensors in hearing aids could be a great way for people to track their health.

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