Signia/Siemens Hearing Aids

styletto  hearing piece

The new Styletto from Signia is more than just a hearing aid — it’s high-tech, slim, and stylish. The world’s first slim receiver-in-the-canal (Slim RIC) hearing aid, Styletto transforms the look of hearing aids with a unique design you’ll want to show off.

pure charge & go nx hearing piece
Pure Charge & Go Nx

Enjoying the great outdoors with friends, conducting long business meetings, listening to your favorite podcast or music — no matter how much activity and work you like to pack into your day, Signia’s longer-lasting Pure® Charge&Go keeps going with you.

pure 312 nx hearing piece
Pure 312 Nx

Discussing the latest exhibition with friends, gushing about a delightful classical concert or an exquisite ballet performance – Signia’s Pure® 312 lets you share all of life’s beautiful moments and immerses you in them.

pure 13 nx hearing piece
Pure 13 Nx

Whether you’re in a meeting, taking an important business call, preparing a presentation or meeting colleagues for lunch, with Signia’s Pure® 13 you can enjoy the most natural sound experience along with superior connectivity and the longest wearing time while streaming audio from your smartphone or TV.

silk nx hearing piece
SIlk Nx

The new Silk Nx delivers a natural hearing experience with discreet size, instant fit, and exceptional sound quality.And for wearers with unaidable hearing loss in one ear, CROS Silk Nx provides the most discreet solution – and it’s the world’s first CROS CIC hearing aid.

pure 10 nx hearing piece
Pure 10 Nx

Spending time with your loved ones is all about communicating. Whether you are reading a children’s story or catching up on the latest news with friends and family, Pure® 10 from Signia gives you the confidence of more natural hearing without any hassle.

motion 13 bt primax hearing piece
Motion 13 BT Primax

Getting back to nature on a hike with friends, staying ahead of the competition at work, or listening to personal treasures in your music collection, Motion® Charge&Go from Signia is your trusted partner for a natural hearing experience, no matter how much you like to pack into your day.

pure 13 bt primax hearing piece
Pure 13 BT Primax

Looking for hearing aids that let you connect wirelessly to your iPhone® without the need for an intermediary device? Look no further — Signia’s new Pure® 13 Bluetooth® (BT) hearing aids deliver effortless hearing and connectivity to suit your busy lifestyle.

cellion primax hearing piece
Cellion Primax

Welcome to the next generation in hearing aid technology in a smart OneShell design. With its reliable high-capacity lithium-ion power cell, Cellion™ provides up to two days of regular use on a single charge, so you don’t need to worry about them running out on you unexpectedly.

ace primax hearing piece
Ace Primax

The smallest of our behind-the-ear hearing aids, Ace™ is nearly invisible behind the ear for greater discretion. Its tiny form delivers incredible power for effortless hearing, and thanks to the touchControl™ App you can adjust it conveniently and discreetly.

pure primax hearing piece
Pure Primax

Small, elegant, and superbly discreet, Pure® redefines ease of listening. Combining sophistication with outstanding hearing, its powerful, advanced features let you hear effortlessly throughout the day.

carat primax hearing piece
Carat Primax

Compact and elegant, yet superbly powerful, Carat™ delivers an outstanding hearing experience combined with optimum amplification. The discreet receiver-in-canal hearing aid features a range of advanced functionality and is suitable for almost all levels of hearing loss.

motion sx hearing piece
Motion SX

With a model to suit every hearing requirement, Motion® fits comfortably and discreetly behind your ear. Easy to adjust and control, it’s packed with functionality that lets you hear with ease all day long.

silk primax hearing piece
Silk Primax

One of the world’s smallest hearing aids, the new Silk™ sits almost invisibly in the ear for complete discretion. Super-soft and super-comfortable, it fits immediately without the need for a specially tailored housing.

insio primax hearing piece
Insio Primax

Tailor-made for the anatomy of your ear and your hearing loss, Insio™ is almost unnoticeable, and thanks to the touchControl™ App, extremely discreet.

Signia’s new Nx hearing aids are your natural choice for performance and hearing. Whether you’re in a meeting, taking an important business call, preparing a presentation, or meeting colleagues for lunch, with Signia’s new hearing aids you can enjoy the most natural sound experience along with superior connectivity and audio streaming from your smartphone and TV.


Stream phone calls directly from your Apple® smartphone (and with StreamLine Mic from your Android™ smartphone) to your hearing aids for complete convenience.


Listen to your favorite music streamed directly into your hearing aids from your Apple device (and with StreamLine Mic from your Android device) for an outstanding sound experience.


With StreamLine TV, audio from your television can be fed directly into your hearing aids in Dolby® Digital stereo sound. You can easily stream and adjust the volume through the myControl™ App.

Remote Control

The myControl App lets you change hearing aid settings remotely and personalize your hearing aids to suit your individual preferences. And if you don’t have a smartphone, the miniPocket™ also provides highly convenient remote control.

Hearing Your Own Voice

Many hearing aid wearers do not like the sound of their own voice as it can sound loud and unnatural. As a world’s first, Signia’s hearing aids solve this: its OVP™ (Own Voice Processing) provides you with a natural sounding own voice combined with an optimal hearing of all other sounds for the most pleasant, natural listening experience.

Speech in Noise

Thanks to Speech Quality, Signia’s hearing aids enable you to hear speech clearly in all situations through advanced noise suppression technologies. This makes it easier for you to understand your conversation partner, even in very noisy environments such as a restaurant or a conference.

Conversation While Moving

The 3D Classifier provides advanced automatic control in all situations to let you enjoy the highest hearing performance. To deliver optimal hearing even when moving, the hearing aid settings are automatically adjusted based on the myControl App’s motion data.

Crystal Clear Sound

Sound Clarity offers the most natural, lifelike sound in all environments. This lets you enjoy crystal clear sound, even in the loudest environments.