Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids

sonic captivate hearing piece
Product Release Date: May 2019

Connect directly to the world of wireless. Captivate is a Made for iPhone® device so you can stream directly to your hearing aids. In fact, we offer a full line of accessories so you can connect to virtually any Bluetooth wireless smartphone or device you may want to use. Three technology levels to fit your lifestyle needs.

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Starting at
  • Captivate 100 $3299.00 a pair
  • Captivate 80 $2999.00 a pair
  • Captivate 60 $2649.00 a pair
sonic enchant hearing piece
"NEW" TREK (Power Behind-the-Ear)

If you have extreme hearing loss, now you can Experience More. More conversations, digital connections, and natural sound experiences. More power and comfort with finer volume adjustments. Experience more than ever before! 2 power models to choose from. (Custom ear molds required)

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Starting at
  • Trek 80 SP-BTE $2999.00 a pair
  • Trek 40 P-BTE $2499.00 a pair
sonic soundclip hearing piece

The SoundClip-A is a resourceful optional accessory that allows you to stream sound from nearly every audio device to both hearing aids. It functions as an audio streamer, wireless headset, remote microphone, and remote control for any Bluetooth® 2.1 smartphone and device.

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Sonic Innovations is a U.S. based manufacturer of hearing care solutions who envisions a world where all people can enjoy the sounds of everyday life and where lives are improved through enhanced hearing.

At Sonic, we appreciate the value of hearing and seek to help people find the greatest enjoyment from it. We want to make an impact on people's lives. That goal can be seen in our commitment. In the quality of our products and services. And in our reputation as an honest, friendly, and reliable company. As a hearing aid company, there's nothing Sonic enjoys more than hearing for ourselves the positive experiences of users like you.

sonic sounddna hearing piece

Presenting a revolutionary new hearing technology platform from Sonic. The SoundDNA platform enables our most automatic, adaptive, and flexible hearing aid technology to date.

Sonic RC-N Remote Control

*Enchant hearing aids are compatible with the 2.4 GHz RC-A Remote Control. Celebrate, Cheer, Journey and Charm wireless hearing aids are compatible with the RC-N Remote Control.

Remote Control

With low power consumption, the Sonic Remote Control offers easy, discreet program and volume changes*. People with dexterity issues especially love the convenience of this remote – no more fiddling with tiny buttons or dials on hearing instruments.

Sonic SoundGate 3

The heart of our wireless system, the SoundGate 3 is the digital “go-between” connecting external devices with your Celebrate, Cheer, Journey or Charm wireless hearing instruments. It’s a small, portable accessory that turns your hearing aids into personal “speakers” for the TV, your phone, or in assistive listening environments.

Extra Convenience at the click of a button:

  • Built for Bluetooth – connect to your favorite Bluetooth® devices through your hearing aids, and even make hands-free phone calls.
  • The ease of remote control – Change the volume and programs of your hearing instruments discreetly from the palm of your hand.
  • Be in the loop with telecoil – connect to Telecoil systems for a better experience at the theater, classroom, or place of worship.

Sonic TV Adapter

*Enchant hearing aids are compatible with the 2.4 GHz TV-A Adapter, for direct audio streaming without the SoundGate. Celebrate, Cheer, Journey and Charm wireless hearing aids are compatible with the TV Adapter 2, and require the SoundGate.

With the TV Adapter, prime time plays right to you. The TV Adapter is an optional accessory that physically connects to your television then wirelessly transmits the audio to SoundGate*. When you want to watch a show, the audio streams directly to your Sonic hearing devices. It’s like having sports, news, shows and movies play right in your ears. You control the volume level via the SoundGate – turn it up or down to your personal liking. The TV Adapter makes enjoying your favorite programming so convenient, you’ll want an adapter for every TV you own.

Sonic Phone Adapter

Answering a call from a mobile phone is already easy with the SoundGate device. But what about your landline phone? That’s where the optional Phone Adapter comes in. Connect the Phone Adapter to a landline, and it will work with SoundGate to alert you to an incoming call, let you answer remotely, and hear the conversation right through your hearing aids. You can adjust the volume as needed, too. Talking on the phone has never been easier.

Sonic SoundGate Remote Mic and Soundclip

With the SoundGate Mic, you can close the gap when listening to a distant speaker. It’s a great way to better hear an instructor at the front of the room – or a friend at the far end of the table. Simply clip the SoundGate Mic to the speaker’s clothing or ask them to keep it nearby. Their voice is transmitted via the SoundGate right into your Celebrate, Cheer, Journey or Charm wireless hearing instruments.

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