Custom Hearing Protection

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Hearing Protection

There are certain causes of hearing loss that you can prevent by protecting your ears. The most common cause of preventable hearing loss is continued exposure to loud noise.


You may encounter loud noise at work, home and in many other settings. It is easy to protect your hearing by turning down the volume when you can or avoiding harmful noises. You can also protect your ears by wearing hearing protectors such as earplugs or earmuffs.


Earplugs are devices that should fist snugly in the ear canal to reduce the volume of sound entering the ear. There are four types of earplugs that include foam, silicone, flanged or custom molded. In most cases, the user rolls the earplug into a thin rod, pulls back on the ear, and inserts the earplug into the canal.


Earmuffs cover both ears completely and create an air seal that reduces the volume of sound entering the ear. They are held in place by a headband and should fit properly over the ear.

Musicians Ear Monitors

Musicians are consistently exposed to noise that can cause hearing loss. If you are a musician, there is a wide selection of in-ear monitors available to protect your hearing. Most in-ear monitors are wireless and the performer wears a receiver pack.


Built for live performance or recording studio mixing, these devices receive music or a personal mix of vocals and stage instruments while reducing ambient noise. They should be custom fitted to your ear for optimum comfort and noise reduction.

Custom Earmolds

If you need a hearing device such as a hearing aid or ear monitor, you should consider custom earmolds that are shaped to fit a patient’s ear canal and/or outer ear structure. They come in plastic, acrylic or another soft material. Mold styles can vary by level of hearing loss and the hearing device that it will need to house. They can also be used without a hearing device to protect the ear during activities such as swimming, racing or hunting.

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