Our Warranties: Protection for Hearing Aids Purchased Directly From Us

At Mission Hearing Aid Center, we provide our patients with a wide variety of high-quality hearing aids, ones that should last you for a good duration. But, as humans, we know that we’re prone to mistakes and mishaps, such as damaging or losing our hearing aids. That is why we offer different warranties for the hearing aids that are purchased directly from us. These warranties can help to protect your hearing aids from loss and damage for up to a couple of years after they were purchased. All of our warranties depend on the type of device purchased.

About Our Hearing Aid Warranties

Our warranties will depend on the type of device purchased, generally its technology level. The higher the level of technology included with the device, the longer the warranty. Our warranties include:

  • Three-year warranties for higher end hearing aids
  • One-year warranties for the more basic hearing aids that we carry
  • Two-year warranties/two-year loss and damage protection for most of our devices

With our devices, you’ll generally receive the two-year warranty. We’ll explain the warranty offered when you purchase your new hearing aid from us. We understand that hearing aid purchases are no small feat and that as humans, we are prone to making mistakes such as accidentally damaging or losing our hearing aids, which is why we offer warranties in the first place. When you come in for your evaluation, fitting, and hearing aid purchase, we can discuss the warranty option available to you then.

Why Warranties Are Unique to Specialists Like Us

We’ve seen a huge trend of people opting to buy hearing aids online or over the counter because they believe it’ll help them save money or time. However, we don’t recommend this. While you may find some hearing aids for low prices this way, you usually sacrifice style, comfort, and the reassurance of having a warranty available for the hearing aid you buy, which is something you often don’t get when shopping online or over the counter. You also bypass seeing a hearing specialist, which often means you aren’t getting to the root cause of your hearing or the kind of aid you need to help with that specific kind of hearing loss. So not only are you paying for a hearing aid without the safety net of a warranty, you’ll most likely be paying for a hearing aid that’s completely wrong for you in every way.

Why Choose Mission Hearing Aid Center for Your Hearing Aids?

At Mission Hearing Aid Center, we sincerely care about our customers. We do not like seeing people getting scammed or mislead when purchasing hearing aids. Whether it’s because the hearing aid was purchased online and it’s not the right one for you or because it didn’t come with a warranty, it’s easy to get scammed when you purchase online or over the counter. When you purchase hearing aids from us, you get high-quality aids that work for you, a hearing evaluation to determine the cause of your hearing loss, and warranties just in case your hearing aids are damaged or lost. Please call us today to learn more!