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Exploring the Questions Behind Genes and Hereditary Hearing Loss

Most people understand—to some degree or other—that we all inherit certain traits and characteristics from our parents. We see it every day as we see children and grandchildren take on similarities of their parents and grandparents. The specifics of how our genes ebb and flow across generations are a little more complex, however, as all […]

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A Deep Dive Into the Ear and How Hearing Aids Help You Hear

There is no shortage of amazing facts about the human body and its complexities. Here at Mission Hearing, of course, we focus on the intricate sound machines that are your ears and how they help you listen to that guitar solo, the chirping of birds, the honking of cars while you’re stuck in traffic, and […]

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Living With Tinnitus: Prevention and Treatments 

The wild success of Bradley Cooper’s, A Star is Born with Lady Gaga not only showed the world a story of love and talent but also dealt with tinnitus in a way that portrayed the real effects of the condition and how it can affect anybody. In the film, the main character played by Bradley […]

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