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How to Protect Your Ears at Concerts: The Go-To Guide

As the world opens back up again, concerts and music festivals are beginning to make a return. Perhaps you’ve been waiting anxiously to experience live music again after the two-year-long absence, or you’re simply ready to do something other than sitting at home. No matter the situation, you should practice hearing safety in order to […]

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Living With Tinnitus: Prevention and Treatments 

The wild success of Bradley Cooper’s, A Star is Born with Lady Gaga not only showed the world a story of love and talent but also dealt with tinnitus in a way that portrayed the real effects of the condition and how it can affect anybody. In the film, the main character played by Bradley […]

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Does Ringing in My Ears Mean I’m Losing My Hearing? 

Everyone experiences ringing of the ears every now and then. In case you didn’t know, healthy ears use ringing as a “test” to make sure that your ears are functioning the way they should be. Although, there is a middle ground to be met. If you find your ears to be ringing frequently, it may […]

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What is Tinnitus And How Can I Treat It?

At some point or another, everyone will experience ringing in their ears. This can be due to lack oxygen, head injuries, and other trauma. In most cases, tinnitus is temporary. However, for about 50 million Americans, it is an everyday problem that has no cure. At Mission Hearing Aid Center, our hearing specialists can help […]

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