The Millennial Generation: At Risk for Early Hearing Loss

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Concerts and noisy bars have become the in-thing for many young adults—and we can see exactly why they are so enjoyable. There is a large number of people that choose to listen to their music at a loud setting to serve their enjoyment and satisfaction. Although, have you ever wondered why loud music is preferred by many? This can be tied to societal level influences and what is deemed as the norm for “leisure”. Loud sound has a positive benefit on those who execute the music and those who listen to it. Let’s take a nightclub, as an example. Those who attend nightclubs with loud music are prone to purchase and consume more beverages and social interaction is deemed to be enhanced. DJs and club managers use loud music to retain and attract customers, to control the crowd, and even to reduce conflict. Loud music is credited with bringing people together and generate a common sense of interest and feeling. Although loud music, and more generally, loud sounds are remedies when it comes to reducing social tension, the consequences can definitely play out in the health of your ears and hearing. Let’s go more into depth as to how young adults and children of modern ages are more at risk to suffer from hearing loss. 

Breaking Down the Facts of Hearing Loss

In February 2017, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a survey that stated that approximately eight million people ranging from the ages of twenty to twenty-nine suffer from some kind of hearing loss. This amounts to seven percent of this age group who fail to hear high-pitched sounds. The figure goes up to ten percent for people between the ages of thirty and thirty-nine. 

Motivating Millenials to Protect Their Hearing Through Technology 

Despite the aching statistics, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is preventable despite how common and detrimental it has deemed itself amongst the population. Millennials now make up the majority of individuals in the workforce, surpassing generation X’ers and baby boomers. Due to this growth in the workforce, it is important to consider what can be done to protect these young adults’ hearing within the workplace and in their personal lives! Professional managers and work presidents are stepping in to support the cause for these young employees. 

Most safety managers are doing their part by implementing and advocating for education, engineering, administration controls, “buy quiet” practices, and hearing protection devices (HPDs)—all executed to support the hearing of all human beings. To further support this dire need of hearing protection, there have been smartphone apps and evolving technology present on the come-up. Some of these apps are useful in the fact that they measure levels of sounds, indicating if they are painfully high for our ears. These methods of hearing protection might do a better job of encouraging young adults to take precautions considering they have grown up with the help and instant support of modern-day technology. 

The Benefits of Using Modern-Day Noise-Blocking Technology   

Thankfully, modern-day technology is not limited to measuring levels of sound—they are associated with many more benefits. These smartphone apps and improved methods of technology are also capable of raising workers’ awareness about their work environment, helping workers make informed decisions about the potential hazards to their hearing, serve as a research tool to collect noise exposure data, promote better hearing health and prevention efforts, and are credited with being easy to use! 

Tips and Tricks for Beating Loud Noise

As much fun as loud music and noise provides, it is still important to make sure that you do everything you can to protect your ears! We’ve got some tips that are guaranteed to help.

  • Pick Concert Seats Carefully

Choose your concerts wisely and consider how close they will be in proximity they will be to speakers and sound systems. It would be in your best interest to set a reasonable distance from speakers. While the front seats are the best in view, they are the worst for your ears. 

  • Use Hearing Protection

You can use noise-canceling headphones or earplugs when attending noisy venues or events. Volumes at concerts or performances are usually so high that you can still hear comfortably past the earplugs. 

  • Take Some Breaks from the Loud Noise 

If it is a necessity to listen to the music loud or tolerate the sound levels, it would be good to try limiting your exposure. Even a one minute break can give your ears a rest and prevent future ear damage. 

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