The Pros and Cons Of Hearing Aid Repair Vs Replacement

Nothing lasts forever. That rule applies to many things, including your hearing aid. Even if you’re the most careful person on Earth, you’ll still have some issues with your hearing aids as their software tends to become outdated after a couple of years. If you’re not the careful type, moisture, ear wax, and constant falls could make your hearing aids age faster than they should.

When hearing aids finally develop faults, most users face a dilemma between hearing aid replacement or hearing aid repair. If you’re at such a crossroads, this blog is for you!

We’ll examine various factors to consider when picking to repair or place hearing aids and weigh the pros and cons of each option.

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Factors to Consider When Picking Hearing Aid Replacement or Repair

If you’re considering which option will be better for you, these questions/factors should help clear your doubts.

How Frequently Does Your Hearing Aids Get Damaged?

In most cases, most people opt for repairing their hearing aids, given their price on the market isn’t pocket-friendly. However, if you’re starting to experience recurring problems with your hearing aid, you might end up spending close to the amount needed to purchase a new one to repair it. At this point, you’ll be better off getting a hearing aid replacement.

Are Your Hearing Aids Custom-Made?

Custom-made hearing aids are easier to fix compared to those from large manufacturers. Also, replacing custom-made heating aids might cost more and take longer than regular hearing aids. In this case, hearing aid repair is the better option. 

How Long Have You had Them For?

Hearing aids of good quality are expected to last for 3-7 years. Sometimes, the only reason your hearing aids are malfunctioning is simply that they’re old and require a replacement. Also, if you got your hearing aid at a young age, your ears might have outgrown the original size, making them uncomfortable to use. In this case, getting a replacement will be the most logical choice.

What Does Your El Paso Audiologist Advise?

Before deciding on the best option, it is advisable to get a professional’s opinion. An audiologist in El Paso can examine your current hearing aids and determine if a hearing aid repair or replacement is best. 

If you have to repair it, working with a local audiologist might be the best option. They could help you ship it out to the manufacturers and get it safely delivered. Also, since they mostly send hearing aids for repairs in bulk, you do not have to worry much about higher rates.

Which Option Can You Afford?

As mentioned earlier, the price of high-quality hearing aids could be a little steep. As such, if you’re paying out-of-pocket, the state of your economy is also important in making a decision. Which of these options seems cost-effective to you? That ultimately determines the better option to go for.

The Pros and Cons of Hearing Aid Repair and Replacement

Hearing Aid Repair


  • If you’re not constantly repairing the aids, this is the more cost-effective choice.
  • You don’t have to go through the learning curve of using a new model.


  • There’s a chance of the hearing aid malfunctioning again.
  • If the damage becomes recurrent, the cost could gradually build up.

Hearing Aid Replacement


  • You get a brand new, high-quality hearing aid.
  • This should last you for at least three years if well managed.
  • You get a chance to upgrade to the latest software.


  • If you’re paying out-of-pocket, this could be very expensive.
  • If you’re switching to a new make/model, you might struggle with some new features.

Hearing Aid Repair Vs. Hearing Aid Replacement: Which is the Better Choice?

This question is not straightforward as there’s no one-solution-fits-all for everyone. If it’s your first time experiencing difficulties with your hearing ads, getting your hearing aids repaired is the best economical option. 

However, if you’ve constantly visited the audiologist for repairs, a replacement might be better. If you belong to the former group and have the cash to splurge, there’s nothing wrong with getting yourself a brand new hearing aid.

Mission Hearing Aid Center is ready to take care of your hearing aid needs, whether you’re looking for repairs or replacement. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help!

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