The Wonderful World of Hearables: Hearing Aid Repair in the 21st Century

hearing aid repair

Hearing aid technology has come a long way from the days of the now cartoonish hearing aid trumpets. You’ve seen them—they look like giant megaphones that go into your ear. Technology has come a long way since those bulky accessories; modern earpieces are essentially a tiny computer that goes into your ear. Mission Hearing Aid keeps up with all the latest innovation to offer you the best options for your auditory needs and hearing aid repair.

What is a Hearable?

You may have already heard (no pun intended) that hearables, or in-ear wearables, are quickly becoming the new versions of the electric hearing aid. The industry of auditory biometrics is being spearheaded by those looking to improve hearing capabilities and by commercial electronics companies that see potential in the arena of earbud innovation.

This technology is unfolding before our very eyes. Just as we have seen watches transform into a whole other dimension of functionality—they now do more than simply tell time, like emails and calorie counting—hearing aids are moving down that road as well. Many of these devices go beyond merely amplifying or correcting sound, but they have several other features that allow syncing with your smartphone or other wireless devices. Technology has added a dimension of possibilities to the already existing function of hearing assistance.

The Added Features

Aside from assisting people with their hearing needs, new hearable technology has built the capacity to go beyond the everyday functionality and into the realm of futuristic visions never thought possible just a few decades ago.

Activity Tracking: Want to count your calories? Your daily footsteps? Do it through your smart earbud!

Smart syncing: Want to listen to music straight out of your earpiece? Connect your smart earpiece with your smartphone and access your playlist through directly from your earpiece.

Vital signs: How are you feeling? Quick advancements in the industry might very soon allow for accurate measurements of heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure and more through your earpiece.

Controlled listening: This allows the listener some control over what to augment in their soundscape. In other words, a person can enhance certain sounds and create an entirely new experience never before imagined.

Get New Technologies and Hearing Aid Repair With Us

Because of this ever-changing and advancing mechanics in the world of hearables, hearing aid repair requires much more technical experience and knowledge regarding the complex technologies. Mission Hearing Aid Center is here to help you listen to the world the way you never thought possible. Call us today!

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