Tinnitus Treatment and Causes

 tinnitus treatment

Tinnitus can be described as a ringing in the ears or the awareness of sound in the ears that is not coming from an external source. Many times this ringing is a symptom of another underlying condition. The research on tinnitus treatment is quite advanced and at Mission Hearing Aids we have a deep knowledge of the condition and the different approaches to alleviate it.


This hearing impairment can be caused by several other conditions. Some of the most common as cited by the American Tinnitus Association include:

  • Hearing Loss: Exposure to loud noises or age-related hearing loss.
  • Head Trauma: Suffering from a concussion or an accident that causes significant traumatic head injury.
  • Side Effect: This ringing can be caused as a side effect of many strong prescription medications including certain antibiotics, NSAID’s, or diuretics.
  • Other Diseases: Other health issues can include autoimmune, metabolic, and psychiatric disorders.


This condition can be controlled with a variety of approaches to help the patient lead a productive and comfortable life. One of the main ways to approach it is through hearing aids, which augment the external sounds in order to alleviate the ringing.  Sometimes the right approach can be a combination of several treatments including:

  • Hearing Aids
  • Leading a healthy lifestyle
  • Sound and behavioral therapies
  • Drug Therapies

Leading a Normal Life

One of the most famous sufferers of this condition is Ludwig Van Beethoven, the German composer from the 19th century. Beethoven began to suffer hearing loss and often described experiencing “a roar” in his ears. This led to hearing loss.  To this day the cause of Beethoven’s ailment has not been completely verified, although it is commonly attributed to lead poisoning. Yet since then, many prominent people are able to continue a normal life with the condition. This includes musicians from Bob Dylan, to Neil Young, to astronaut Alan Shepard and prominent radio host Rush Limbaugh.

Let Mission Hearing Aids Help You Restore Hearing

There are no two identical cases of tinnitus or hearing impairment. Some people might describe the sound as a ringing, others as static, buzzing, or screeching. There are tonal, pulsatile, or musical kinds of the condition and this will have an effect on the best approach to tinnitus treatment. Our mission at Mission Hearing Aids is to consider every patient’s unique conditions in order to better serve them.

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