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Are you experiencing ringing or buzzing in your ears? Are you over the age of 40? Do you work, have you worked, or socialized often in a noisy environment? You could be experiencing tinnitus. Specifically according to the American Tinnitus Association if you are experiencing whooshing, ringing, buzzing or other sounds in one or both ears it could be tinnitus.

So, this could be you or someone you love. Maybe you’re trying to identify whether or not you actually are experiencing tinnitus, and if so, how it happened, and what to do next. Here, let’s explore the possible causes and navigate treatments. Then, we will talk about what you can do next.

The causes of tinnitus vary. The NIDCD (National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders) names noise induced hearing loss, ear infections, heart disease, hormone changes, and other causes. Its important to begin to self identify and perhaps think about if any of these underlying issues are something you experience.

Treatments for tinnitus will depend on the root reason you’re experiencing this hearing issue. It could be something as simple as ear wax removal. Tinnitus could be caused by heart issues and treating those issues may clear up the ringing in your ears. You may need to explore hearing aid options, and plan to use hearing protection in the future. What’s important is to identify the source and then begin to explore your treatment options with a hearing care professional.

Now we have taken a moment to cover causes and potential treatments for tinnitus. You know what to expect. You may have identified what you think could be the cause of your tinnitus. Next, it’s time to find a local hearing care specialist and book your appointment. Make an appointment today with one of our hearing care professionals and get yourself on the road to healthy, whole hearing.