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Why OTC Hearing Aids Aren’t the Answer

man with hearing aidsWhen it comes to hearing aids, it often feels like getting them over the counter is best way to go. After all, isn’t it faster, less of a hassle? Well, yes and no. While OTC hearing aids have a few pros, the cons outweigh them by a landslide. While it may be quicker to get them over the counter, you end experiencing more issues in the end that will take up more time, money, and energy than if you had just gotten them through a certified specialist in the first place. Here are a few reasons why OTC hearing aids aren’t the answer.

You Should See an Audiologist

When you get OTC hearing aids, you bypass seeing an audiologist. So, yes, the process moves a bit more quickly because of this, but not seeing an audiologist can have a negative impact on your health because while you’ll have hearing aids that can help restore your hearing abilities, you won’t get to the root of what’s causing your hearing loss in the first place, which can be bad. When hearing loss occurs because of age, working in loud environments, or genetic conditions, you often lose it evenly in both ears. However, if you’re experiencing hearing loss only in one ear, it’s often another issue, such as a tumor or unusual bone growth within your ear. An audiologist will be able to help you determine the cause of your hearing loss so you can get it treated properly

Your Hearing Aids Will Fit Better

When you get your hearing aids over the counter, you just get a standard, one-size-fits-all hearing aid. In reality, the one-size-fits-all claim couldn’t be further from the truth—hearing aids aren’t knee socks after all. Because of this, OTC hearing aids will probably be more uncomfortable, less discreet, and all in all not a good fit for you. When you go to an audiologist for them, you will get the prescription that meets your needs and your hearing aids will be custom fitted for your unique ears. Do you really know two people who have the same size and shaped ears? Probably not.

Ditch the OTC Hearing Aids: See An Audiologist Today!

If you’re experiencing loss of hearing and are in need of hearing aids, schedule an appointment with our audiologist today! We’ll help you determine the cause of your hearing loss and find the best hearing aids for your needs. Call today!

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