Why Shouldn’t I Buy Hearing Aids Online?

hearing aidsIt seems that we can buy everything online, from clothes and food to car parts and furniture, so we should be able to purchase our hearing aids online too, right? Well, wrong. There are just some things we shouldn’t purchase on the internet, including hearing aids. We understand that this might be more of a hassle for you, but at Mission Hearing Aid Center, we make it as easy as possible to obtain your hearing aids—the right way!

Here are a few reasons why buying hearing aids online is a bad idea.

Reason #1: The Risk of Getting Scammed is High

While the internet can be great for shopping, meeting new people, and discovering new things, it can also be a trap when it comes to just about everything. Sometimes, you never know what kind of person or company you’re purchasing from and you never know what kind of hearing aids you’ll get. Because of this, there’s a high chance that you’ll get scammed in the process. By going to a specialist, you can reduce your chances of getting scammed.

And speaking of a specialist…

Reason #2: You Bypass Seeing a Specialist

When you purchase your hearing aids online, you bypass seeing a specialist. It’s important to see a specialist because they can help you uncover the cause of your hearing loss—it’s not always what you think! Many things can cause hearing loss, including old age, genetics, disease, tumors, spontaneous bone growth (yes, in your ear!), our work or living conditions, and earwax buildup, among others. A specialist can get to the root cause of your hearing loss so you can get specific hearing aids for this issue or have it treated, like if it’s a tumor or earwax. If you don’t see a specialist first, you might use hearing aids for something that is completely treatable, or you may get some that are completely wrong for you.

Reason #3: They Probably Won’t Fit

Another reason to visit a hearing specialist: you’ll be fitted for your hearing aids and other devices you may purchase, such as earplugs. This way, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting a pair of hearing aids that fit the way you want them to and are as visible as you want them to be since you have options in sizes and types.

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You don’t want to test your luck by purchasing hearing aids online. At Mission Hearing Aid Center, we’re dedicated to getting you the high-quality hearing aids you deserve and uncovering the cause of your hearing loss at its root. Don’t get scammed by shopping online; schedule an appointment with us today! We look forward to helping you!

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